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When you receive a pen or other promotional product in the mail with your brand on it offered at a special price your should CALL US! We can meet or beat the pricing! These products are being offered by the same manufactures/vendors we use.  Often times their special price is NOT really a deal and we can beat them with our regular pricing.

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Here are some ideas


National Humor Month – Plush Toys, Smiley Stress Reliever, Funny Temporary Tattoos, Pins, Magnets

National Stress Awareness MonthStress Relievers all shapes and styles, coloring & puzzle books

April 3-9 / National Public Health WeekFace Masks, Hand Sanitizers, UV Lights, Disinfecting Items, Brochures, Antibacterial Wipes

April 23-29 / Administrative Professionals WeekHigh-Tech Items, Drinkware, Bags, Food Gifts, Desktop Items

April 7 / National Beer DayBeer Glasses, Coolies and Coozies, Bottle Openers, Coasters

April 9 / Easter Sunday Easter Egg Stress Relievers, Visor, Baskets, Buckets, Branded Chocolates, Anything in Pastel Colors to Celebrate Spring

April 11 / National Pet DayDog Toys, Leaches, Pet Bowls, Pet Stickers, Snacks

April 23 / National English Muffin DayPaper Plates, Napkins, Muffin Baking Forms

April 28 / Great Poetry Reading DayBookmarks, Reading Glasses, Magnifying Glass, Poetry Notebooks, Pens


National Barbecue MonthPortable Grills, Tool Sets and Spices, Napkins, Paper Plates, Aprons

National Bike MonthBike Water Bottles, Gloves, Sunglasses, Helmets, Personal Safety Lights, Safety Vest and Apparel

May 1-7 / National Hurricane Preparedness WeekBrochures, Flashlights, Water Bottles, Fans, Solar Battery Chargers

May 6-12 / National Nurses WeekApparel, Stress Relievers, Syringe Pens, Steth-O-Light

May 5 / Cinco De MayoSombreros, Straw Hats, Bracelets, Necklaces, Fiesta Sunglasses

May 14 / Mother’s DayApparel, Cosmetic Bags and Pouches, Tote Bags, Photo Frames, Postcards

May 16 / National Love a Tree DaySprout Tree Kits, Tree shaped Tags, Ornaments, Seed, Seed Paper

May 25 / National Wine DayCustomized Wine Bottles, Bottle Openers, Wine Coolers, Wine Glasses

May 29 / Memorial DayAmerican flags, Patriotic Banners, Plaques, Glasses, Key Chains, Hats


Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month Health Journals, Flyers, Apparel, Brain Shaped Stress Relievers

National Candy Month Candies, Candy Gift Boxes, Candy shaped Items

June 4-10 / National Gardening Week Gardening Accessories, Gloves, Hats, Seeds

June 11-17 / National Flag Week US Flags, Hats and Apparel with US flag, Patriotic Items

June 6 / D Day WWII American flags, Patriotic Banners, Plaques, US Caps

June 10 / Ball Point Pen Day Ball Point Pens, Pen holders, Cases, Desk Organizers

June 18 / National Go Fishing Day Hats, Fish Stress Relievers, Fishing Gear, Fishing Utensils

June 18 / Father’s Day Apparel, Hats, Postcards, Bottle Openers, Drinkware

June 27 / National Sunglasses Day Sunglasses, Cleaning Cloths, Sunglass Cases and Holders, Chains

Featured Hot Products

Urban Pro Metal Pen w/ Hand Sanitizer Spray
1. Safety and style go hand-in-hand, with our new Urban Pro 2-in-1 metal pen with integrated antimicrobial hand sanitizer. The spray sanitizer uses 72% ethyl alcohol for at-the-ready germ-killing power, and it can be easily refilled with liquid sanitizer. Premium twist-action ballpoint retractable pen has a sleek design that will showcase your laser-engraved logo.
Company Store
2. Have you ever thought about a company store?

USB Data Blocker
3. Prevent unwanted data transfers/access with this USB data blocker! Designed for laptops, phones, computers and tablets, this device goes between your charging cable and the USB charging port and will ensure that your data and access remains private and protected from any malware or from being hacked. Simply plug it into and USB port, then plug your charging cable into the blocker to only charge your phone. Complies with prop 65.
Touchless Key
4. A practical Spot & TouchTool Kit bring two number one selling products together. Spot is a Bluetooth finder that uses an app on your phone to help keep find misplaced personal items, like keys. The original TouchTool is a no toouch tool to help reduce your exposure to germs. Don’t touch public germy surfaces. Use the tool to open doors and push buttons.


Touchless Sanitary Key
Touchless Sanitary Key
1. Open Doors, Press Buttons or Keypads, Open or Close Drawers. Easily attaches to Keyring.
Vaccination Card Holder
Vaccination Card Holder
2. Holds standard COVID vaccination record card. (card not included) Vinyl back with clear pocket on reverse side. Made in USA
Bounce Ball with 2 Red LED Lights
Bounce Ball with 2 Red LED Lights
3. The clear ball is available in fun, translucent colors and is motion / impact activated. Bounce ball to activate 2 red LED flashing lights. This is a fun promotional item for indoor/ outdoor events. Great party favors! CSPIA Tested. 1 7/8″ Diameter
The Lifesaver Vented Reflective Folding Umbrella
The Lifesaver Vented Reflective Folding Umbrella
4. The perfect umbrella for dark and rainy nights with its bright reflective band that lets you stand out safely.
Wireless Charger Power Bank
Wireless Charger Power Bank
5. A 5,000 mAh Power Bank. Micro USB Input 5V/2A. Charges with either a micro USB or Type-C connection. Safety Features: Includes sensors for overcharging voltage, over charging current, over discharging voltage, over heat and short protection and surge control.

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