DON’T STRESS… New Clients and Prospective Business is all around us!
How do we attract new clients?

• Referrals from existing clients are the greatest resource for new business. A structured program for thanking your referral sources is the best way to get more! Track and Thank your clients and your referral sources!

• Internet Listing! It is a fact that our prospective clients are looking online for the products & services they need, so you need to be sure all your information is current and know what your reviews say.

• Networking is a sure way to feel your pipeline with referrals. There are many powerful groups out there, some category exclusive. Select wisely and be sure to show up and be active and be open to learn about sources you can refer to. It is a sure fired way to get referrals, when you give referrals.

• New Residents Organizations and online sources for New Businesses Opening are great sources of potential new business. Online resources such as , Facebook & Linked In groups can lead you to pockets of new business. Follow the Trail and begin to build relationships! Offer to speak or offer a place for a target organization to meet if you have room!

• Chambers, Trade Organizations, Professional Organizations, City & County Economic Development Councils are all organizations you can get in and get active! You will get out of these organizations what you put into them!

• Social Media is where many people are looking to find what they need and is an excellent fit for many businesses. Post lots of pictures of products, services, testimonials. If it works really well for you…try some adds. If one platform is working for you, branch out to another and see what happens.

• Offline Media such a TV/Radio/Print advertising May be a fit for you. Define your target and what will work the best to expose Your Brand. What are your targets likely to watch, listen to or Read ?!